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  • TYP is a non-profit sports based youth development program
  • TYP believes there is an opportunity to start at-risk youth on a different path using a combination of athletic training with emphasis on boxing and an academic program
  • TYP believes we can instill a sense of integrity, commitment, honor, and respect in our participants and we strive to teach lifelong skills which will position youth for current and future life successes.
  • TYP wants to provide a safe and productive place for youth to spend time and feel like part of a community.
  • TYP was formed in June 2015 and is targeting early fall for the inaugural class of participants.
  • TYP is located at co-founder DaVarryl Williamson’s boxing gym. TOS Boxing is located in Englewood, CO
  • TYP was founded by DaVarryl Williamson and Alysa and Ron Levine who share an abiding belief that the discipline of sport, the love of learning and the support of mentors can empower youth to achieve lifelong success.


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TOS Youth Program (TYP) is a boxing-based youth development program that strives to teach lifelong skills which will position youth for current and future life success. TYP uses athletics and the sport of boxing to empower youth to become champions in life. TYP will provide a safe and productive place for the kids to exercise, have homework time with oversight and light support, and feel like a part of the community.


TYP is located at TOS Boxing Gym and is within walking distance from school.


TYP requires commitment from its participants, who can expect a commitment from us in return. TYP participants will sign a one-year commitment to the program. Among the requirements: No gang affiliation, No drug/tobacco use, full commitment to participation, regular attendance with engaged participation, and respect to all involved. A monthly check-in session will be performed with each student, and we encourage parental involvement in all aspects of the program. We will have quarterly team/community building gatherings such as pizza parties, mini-golf trips, water parks, etc.


TYP will provide all boxing related equipment for its participants, and the kids are there on a “boxing scholarship”. What TYP expects in return is simply their commitment to the program


The founder of TOS Youth Program is DaVarryl J. Williamson, a first generation college graduate who went on to obtain a Master’s Degrees in Business


TOS Boxing Gym is the home of the TOS Youth Program.




3:15-3:30 Greetings


Change into workout clothes

Light snack and beverage

3:30-3:40 Hand wraps


Stretching and Warm Ups

3:40-3:50 Abdominal exercises
3:50-4:00 Cardio & Stamina training
4:00-4:30 Boxing drills:




Focus Mitts



Punch Combinations


Boxing Generalship

Competition techniques & strategies

Technical work

4:30-4:35 Stretch out


Cool down

4:35-4:50 Individual reading
4:50-5:15 Homework help




5:10 on Fridays Goal setting


Progress report

Review of individual goals for next week